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CSR Action Plan (From April 2022 To March 2028)

We set the following action plan for the purpose of realizing a working environment where all the staff members can continue both working and fostering children, be happy to work, and fully show their ability.

Providing a working environment that can support to manage both work and family life
Objective 1

Providing the child care leave and restrictions on overtime working and late night working under the Act on the Welfare of Workers Who Take Care of Children or Other Family Members Including Child Care and Family Care Leave; providing the child care leave benefit under the Unemployment Insurance Act; and providing the maternity leave before and after the birth under the Labor Standards Act, or dissemination of and consultation on shorter working hours

(Measures Taken)
  1. In principle, the company announces the details of Objective 1 to the employees through an internal newsletter and on the bulletin board.
  2. The company prepares a leaflet in advance that describes the details of the system mentioned above, and gives it to an employee and explains the details when she requests the maternity leave to the company.
  3. If a pregnant employee makes a request or asks for consultation about the maternity leave and working conditions, the company asks its licensed social insurance consultant to explain the details of the system, and upon request of such employee, makes effort to provide a favorable working condition and environment after the birth.
Objective 2

Introduction of shorter working hour system that can be used, upon request, by employees who return office after the birth/child care leave or who have a child who has not entered a primary school

(Measures Taken)
  1. Studying what are ideal working conditions for employees who are fostering a child.
  2. Considering how to improve the operations and systems for realizing such conditions.
  3. Disseminating the introduction of a new system throughout the company and raising awareness using an internal newsletter.
Issues for the Support of Fostering the Next Generation
Objective 1

Providing a working experience opportunity to young people such as the internship, and promoting employment through the trial employment system

(Measures Taken)
  1. Notifying local primary schools and junior high schools that the company accepts students for working experience
  2. Checking the system after conducting the system
  3. Accepting an educational trip tour and learning through practical experience
  4. Recruitment through the Public Employment Security Office (trial employment)