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Environmental Policy and Actions
Our environmental policy and practices
Basic Concept

At Ibaraki Giken Limited, each staff member has a strong sense of being a corporate citizen and makes efforts for sustainable development of business activities, protection and preservation of global environment, and prevention of environmental pollution.

Action Plan
  1. Develop and manufacture energy-saving, resource-saving, and environmentally-friendly products
  2. Always economize on everything and implement the Three Rs (recycle, reuse, and reduce)* actions
  3. Save resources and energy and protect the natural environment
  4. Collaborate with all the trading partners and local society, promote the green procurement, and prevent environmental pollution
  5. Comply with laws and regulations, and continuously improve the environmental preservation system
  6. Thoroughly disseminate our environmental policy to all the staff members for expanding our environment preservation activities

*Definition of the Three Rs
Recycle: recycling used products and parts
Reuse: reusing used products, parts, and equipment
Reduce: reducing industrial waste

Our environmental policy and practices

Prepared the first version August 2006
Completed the seven version July 2018
Ibaraki Giken Limited
Satoru Mitsuya

Our actions for environment protection

We have conducted the followings as part of our social contribution activities.

Participation in collecting used caps of PET bottle
Participation in collecting used caps of PET bottle

I collect a cap of a plastic bottle and participate in "ecology cap movement".

Number of caps collected (as of September 7, 2020)

  1. Total
    230,945 caps
  2. Recycling effect
    Reduction of CO2emission: down by 1,722.42kg

Providing destination

The NPO (Cabinet Office Kokusho No. 130 Cabinet Office authentication) Ecocap

A pull tab is participation in collection movement.

I collect pull tabs and contribute to "Kitaibaraki-City Social Welfare Council".

Carrying results (as of January 22, 2019)

  1. Pull tab
    9 times
  2. Used stamp and card ink jet cartridge envelope
    9 times

Providing destination

Kitaibaraki-City Social Welfare Council
Newsletter No. 131 March (PDF: 2.78MB)

Promotion of eco-driving

Ibaraki Giken has promoted an environmentally-friendly driving method (no sudden start, no sudden acceleration, no idling, maintaining proper air pressure on tires, no unnecessary load, and planned driving route, etc.).