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Metal Die and Mold and Product Samples
Continuous Human Resource Development

Establishing “Trust” based on the “Integration of Human Power and Product Quality”

At Ibaraki Giken Limited, all the staff members are modest but fully responsible for their individual tasks and concentrate on fulfilling the engagement with our customers. Of course, capital investment is vital, we believe that the most important factor is a “Person” who operates and manages the production system from designing and manufacturing of metal die and mold to production and inspection.
We focus on establishing “Trust” based on the “Integration of Human Power and Product Quality”.

Continuous Internal Education

For the purpose of properly meeting the needs of our customers and improving customer satisfaction, we hold a study meeting (in whole company and individual departments) on a regular basis to enhance our knowledge on technology and products, business skill, and basic IT knowledge.

Professional education provided by external educational institutions

We make efforts to obtain new findings and enhance the human development system by receiving trainings and seminars provided by external educational institutions.
We also utilize new findings obtained through the participation in trainings and seminars for our business to improve the entire corporate quality and value.

Qualification Promotion System

We have a system to give financial and other supports to employees who obtain the qualification that deems useful for the business as one of the milestone for upgrading their skills and increasing their motivation.

Metal Die and Mold and Product Samples

Integrated production system enables “High Quality”, “Short Delivery Times Contact and Price Quotation Form